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We are driven to help people pursue a meaningful process, to find your artistic heart and to push boundaries
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As engineers, producers and musicians we craft creative projects where sound matters.

We support artists to realise their vision and to create a pathway to share music with the world.

Co-founders Chris van der Geer and Joost Langeveld both started in the music industry as artists, creating their own original music. They know how important it is to be part of a like-minded community.

With Bigpop, they have built a solid music creation hub with success in the corporate and commercial sides of what they do. This strong base has enabled them to set up and pursue the artist-orientated Bigpop Records and Bigpop Publishing.

'This was our way of coming back to why we started making music in the first place' - Joost


Bigpop works with a diverse team of producers, engineers, writers, musicians and singers, both in Aotearoa New Zealand and internationally. Bigpop has two studio locations in Tamaki Makaurau Auckland and the ability to work with artists, creatives and clients anywhere in the world.


Bigpop has been taking music and big brands to the world for many years and we're ready to tackle your projects, big and small.

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