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CHAII takes centre stage with new single 'Drippin In Gold'

Today, Persian-New Zealand artist, songwriter and producer CHAII returns with her commanding new single and video, ‘Drippin In Gold!’

CHAII’s first release since her acclaimed 2021 EP, Pineapple Pizza, “Drippin In Gold” delivers a powerful statement to her success, hustle and cultural pride. Produced by Frank Keys, who also collaborated with CHAII on her previous releases ‘Lightswitch’ EP & ‘Pineapple Pizza’ EP.

The single's accompanying music video sees nostalgic elements of Iranian culture intertwined with cherished childhood memories. Shot in Los Angeles - a city renowned for its thriving expat Iranian community - the clip pays homage to CHAII's motherland, Iran, and captures the essence of her personal story. With the inclusion of a Pakyan - a classic Persian car- cruising towards a golden mansion, CHAII looks towards a future of greatness whilst showcasing the significance of how her roots have played such an important part in her journey there.

Speaking to “Drippin In Gold”, CHAII notes: "Drippin in Gold” is all about staying laser-focused on your dreams no matter what obstacles come your way. It's a constant reminder to never settle for anything less and to hustle relentlessly towards your goals. Embrace your culture, shine like gold!

On bringing the video to life, CHAII shares, "Filming this music video in Los Angeles has been an incredibly personal and transformative experience for me. I wanted to pay homage to my Iranian heritage and capture the essence of my childhood memories. The streets and

landscapes of LA stirred up nostalgic feelings of my motherland, I wanted to share that part of my life."

Coming up, CHAII is set to perform at the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Fan Zone in Auckland, New Zealand; an appearance that arrives alongside the news of CHAII’s music being approved for broadcast usage throughout the tournament.

Return to the voltaic world of CHAII today on “Drippin in Gold”, ahead of more to come very soon.



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