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Working alongside artists, composers, writers and producers, we aim to nurture artistic integrity and facilitate new opportunities for the music we represent.

Publishing Roster


Rap, Hip-Hop

Persian-Kiwi rapper, songwriter, producer and audio engineer CHAII is a fearless artist providing a voice for her generation.


Hip-hop, Rap, Afrobeat

Tāmaki Makaurau-based, South African-born rapper Jujulipps is a an engaging and bold performer and songwriter.

Rodney Fisher

Alt-Pop, Indie

Rodney Fisher is a staple in the New Zealand music scene, and is a talented singer, producer and songwriter in his own right.

Abraham Kunin

Producer, Songwriter, Recording Engineer

Abraham Kunin is a producer, songwriter, composer, and music director based in Tāmaki Makaurau.

Andy Knopp (The Response)


Andy Knopp is a talented singer, songwriter, producer, and performer based in Ōtautahi.

Arli Liberman

Composer, Guitarist, Producer

Arli Liberman is an Israeli-born, New Zealand award-winning composer, guitarist, and music producer.


Pop, Singer-Songwriter

Cecily is an introspective pop artist, singer and songwriter from Devonport, Auckland.

Beth Torrance

Indie-Pop, Singer-Songwriter

Beth Torrance is a singer/songwriter beyond her years, hailing from the banks of Kaipara.

Bobby Brazuka (Latin Aotearoa)

Latin Beats, DJ

With a DJ career spanning 20+ years, Bobby Brazuka has carved out a niche playing Latin and Latin-inspired music in Aotearoa.

Bruce Gainsford

Producer, DJ, Songwriter, Guitarist

Bruce Gainsford is a professional musician and composer with a particular interest in the point where spirituality and music converge.

Carawei Gao (Carawai)

Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer-Songwriter

Carawei Gao is an audio producer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer/songwriter based in Auckland. She is also the founder of ‘Milky Avenue Studios’; an LGBTQ+ music studio.

Chris van de Geer

Musician, Composer, Producer, Songwriter

Chris van de Geer is an award-winning engineer, producer, and talented musician who has long been a staple in the New Zealand music scene.

Connor Robinson-Pierce (Evening is Youth)


Connor Robinson-Pierce is a singer, songwriter, and the front man of Auckland band Evening is Youth.

Dave Johnston (n1ghtmar3cat)

Indie-Electronia, Alt-Pop

Dave Johnston is skilled in production, composition and songwriting; built up over a decade of development as a multi-genre producer, performer and vocalist.

Delete Delete


Made up of members Chris van de Geer, Kurt Shanks and Lani Purkis, Auckland band Delete Delete deliver an electro-pop-punk, one-two power punch.

Dick Johnson (Weird Together)

House DJ, Producer, Dance Music

Dick Johnson is an English-born, New Zealand-based house DJ, producer, label owner and radio broadcaster who records under the alias Magik Johnson.

Emily Wheatcroft-Snape (Em)


Emily Wheatcroft-Snape is an audio engineer / producer from Aotearoa who creates indie-pop under the moniker ‘Em’.

Frank Eliesa (Frank Keys)

Pop, Rap, Hip-Hop

Frank Eliesa, also known by his professional name Frank Keys is a New Zealand-Samoan record producer, songwriter and performer.

Freddy Reynold

Rap, Hip-Hop, Pop

Samoan-Kiwi emcee Freddy Reynold is a talented lyricist, rapper and performer based in South Auckland.

Harry Huavi (Haz' Beats)

DJ, Hip-Hop Producer

Harry Huavi is an award-winning rapper and producer based in Tāmaki Makaurau.

Jennifer Zea (Latin Aotearoa)

Bossa Nova, Jazz, Soul, Neo-Latino Singer/Songwriter

Hailing from Venezuela, Jennifer Zea is an esteemed singer/songwriter with a wealth of experience.

Joost Langeveld

Musician, Composer, Producer, DJ, Songwriter

A pivotal figure in the New Zealand music scene since the late 80’s, Joost Langeveld is a musician, songwriter, producer, and label owner.

Kingdon Chapple-Wilson (Kings)

Rap, Hip-hop

Kingdon Chapple-Wilson is a celebrated New Zealand-born producer, rapper, singer and songwriter.

Lauren Gin

Dance, Electronic, Trap, Future Bass

Lauren Gin is a New Zealand electronic producer and songwriter bringing heavy trap and future bass to the electronic scene.

Lepani Tuifagalele (Lepani)

Pop, Singer-Songwriter

Fijian-born vocalist and songwriter Lepani Tuifagalele has found a unique voice in the pop-sphere through the Pasifika diaspora in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Liam Ryan

Songwriter, Keyboardist

Christchurch-born Liam Ryan is an accomplished keyboardist, songwriter, musician and arts educator.

Lucy Graves

Singer-Songwriter, Producer

Originally from New Zealand and now based in USA, Lucy Graves is a songwriter, producer, film scorer, engineer, keyboardist, vocalist and recording artist.

Luke Berryman (DJ Orphan)

DJ, Hip-Hop, Producer

Luke Berryman is an experienced Audio Engineer and DJ hailing from Auckland, New Zealand. Also known as DJ Orphan, he makes up one half of the NZ Hip Hop act Resin One Vs Orphan.

Maude Morris (LEXXA)

Singer-Songwriter, Producer, Pop

Maude Morris is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and sought-after producer hailing from Hawkes Bay.

Michael Murphy (Written by Wolves)

Cinematic Rock, Progressive Rock

Now the front man of rock band Written by Wolves, Michael Murphy is a talented vocalist and performer who, in 2004, was a runner up in New Zealand Idol.

Nadeem Shafi (Scalper)

Rap, Trip-Hop

Nadeem Shafi is a London-bred rapper, producer and songwriter of Pakistani descent, now based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Neil MacLeod

Indie-Pop, Electronica, Alternative

Neil MacLeod is a Wellington-based, indie-electronica artist who brings raw and emotive soul together with electronic genres in fresh and exciting new ways.

Niko Walters

Soul, R’n’B, Pop

Nikora ‘Niko’ Walters is a contemporary soul and R&B musician, whose debut single ‘Not My Neighbour’ made waves across the nation.

Rebecca Melrose (Miloux)

Electronica, Alt-pop, R’n’B

Lauded for her vocal talent and experimentation, Rebecca Melrose is a singer/songwriter, producer, vocalist, and fashion lover from Tāmaki Makaurau.

Sally Faherty (Sally)

Pop, Singer-Songwriter

Sally Faherty is a singer, songwriter, and pop artist based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Sam Allen (Samson Live)

Electronica, DJ

Sam Allen is an instrumentalist, singer and songwriter from Auckland, New Zealand as well as one half of house music project Samson Live.

Sarah Spicer

Bluegrass, Electronica, Folk, R’n’B/Soul

Sarah Spicer is a Bluegrass, Electronica, Folk, R&B and Soul singer / songwriter from Coromandel, New Zealand.

Shani Sauerman (Isla Noon)

Pop, Indie, Singer-Songwriter

Songwriter and vocalist Shani Sauerman is an emerging pop singer with an edge; releasing music under the moniker Isla Noon.



Formed in the ‘90s as New Zealand’s premier electro-pop band, Strawpeople are a well-known collective in the local music scene.

Timothy Kahwema (TÎMMY the FIRST)

Rap, Hip-Hop

Otago-based, Zimbabwe-born rapper and vocalist Timothy Kahwema is making waves in the local rap scene.

Toni Randle (Eyreton Hall)

Folk, Singer-Songwriter

Toni Randle is a songwriter, performer, vocalist and arranger of great skill and musicality. She also fronts local alt-folk band Eyreton Hall.


Rock, Hip-Hop, Pop-Rock

Valkyrie is a 4-piece pop / rock / hip-hop band formed in Auckland, New Zealand and lead by powerhouse vocalist Omer Gilroy and electrifying guitarist Rebel Reid.

Victoria Knopp (Imperial April)

Alternative/Indie, Pop

Based in Ōtautahi, Victoria Knopp is a singer, songwriter, producer, and performer.

Will Henderson


Will Henderson is a prolific songwriter and producer with a specialty for making pop tracks shine.

Audrey Apollo (AAUDREY)


Kenyan-born, Auckland-raised Audrey Apollo is a singer/songwriter, vocalist, and performer.

Liam Conrad (STUSS)


Liam Conrad is a beat-maker, producer, and hip-hop artist from Waikato, New Zealand.

Jessica Faucher (Nägämo)

Ambient, Singer-Songwriter

Nägämo – to sing in her native tongue, from the depths of spirit; from above and below.

Gabrielle Peake (Peake)

Pianist, Composer, Neo-Classical

New Zealand-based classical pianist Gabrielle Peake is a composer who’s sound loosely falls under the new-classical / compositional ambient umbrella.

Michal Martyniuk

Pianist, Composer, Arranger, Producer

Hailing from Poland and now applying his skill in Aotearoa, Michal Martyniuk is a skilled pianist, composer, arranger and producer.

Marika Hodgson (SORRENTO)

Producer, Bassist

Marika Hodgson is a producer and bass player of notable esteem, having played alongside many great New Zealand artists.

Mukuka Simwinga (KVKA)

Rap, Hip-Hop

Zambian-born, New Zealand-raised and now residing in Melbourne, Mukuka Simwinga is a hip-hop artist and rapper to be reckoned with.


Classic Rock, Rock n Roll

The evolving brainchild of Barry Blackler and Nick Sampson, aided and abetted by Robin Murphy and the late Malcolm Black.

Corban Koschak (This Pale Fire)

Alternative/Indie, Singer-Songwriter

Talented vocalist and songwriter Corban Koschak is also the lead singer of Auckland band This Pale Fire.

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