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Bigpop Code of Conduct

(thanks to SoundCheck Aotearoa for the resources)


Introduction & Purpose
Bigpop aims to provide a safe, healthy, respectful and inclusive workplace for everyone and we are committed to living our.
This Code of Conduct confirms our commitment to building a working environment, and an industry , free of any form of bullying and harassment, including but not limited to: sexual harassment; discrimination on the basis of gender, sexuality, ethnicity or any other attribute; and violence.
This Code of Conduct outlines the standards of behaviour that Bigpop expects from everyone who works for us and everyone we work with. We hold ourselves accountable to these standards. It does not anticipate every situation or circumstance; rather, it is a set of principles to guide conduct and decision-making in our work environments.
A breach of this Code of Conduct may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including the termination of your employment, contract or engagement with us. If we consider the breach to be of a criminal nature, we may report the matter to the police.
What do we expect?

Bigpop’s desire to address the systemic and harmful power imbalances  within the music industry [which often relate to gender, sexuality, ethnicity, minority status, age and ability] means that we are proactively creating an inclusive and welcoming work environment.]
As such, whenever you are working for or with us, we expect you to:  

  • be courteous, professional, and respectful always and towards all people - regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, minority status, age, ability, or role

  • avoid any and all behaviour that might lead to, or be interpreted as, sexual harassment or assault - e.g. do not initiate any form of unwanted affection or touching, make suggestive comments, or act in ways that are potentially sexual and/or harmful

  • maintain an awareness of power imbalances in the workplace that may relate to gender, sexuality, ethnicity, minority status, age, ability, and role

  • be mindful when you are in positions of power, influence, or privilege and take extra care not to abuse or take advantage of that imbalance of power

  • ensure that your private activities do not bring Bigpop into disrepute, impact your ability to do your work professionally, or negatively impact the wellbeing of others in the workplace

  • actively challenge any behaviour that breaches this Code of Conduct

  • DO NOT engage in, encourage or condone any form of bullying, sexual or racial harassment, or discrimination

  • DO NOT consume excessive alcohol or substances while working for us

 Who does this apply to?

Everyone who works for us and everyone we work with. This includes leadership, employees and contractors, subcontractors/vendors, sponsors, performers, and partners.

Where does this Code of Conduct apply? 


This Code of Conduct applies to the workplace - anywhere you are working with us, or in any situation that is related to your work with us. This includes:

  • When we are in the Bigpop workplace - e.g. at the studio, office, venue or external work site

  • Whenever we are acting on behalf of Bigpop - e.g. in meetings, job interviews, media interviews, awards shows, online communications, work-related social events

  • Whenever we are doing something that is connected to or supported by Bigpop - e.g. while traveling on tour, in accommodation paid for by [NAME], working from home, attending external meetings, attending work-related social events or online events


What happens if these expectations are not met?
When your behaviour falls short of what is set out in this Code of Conduct, we will seek to address this with you in a manner that is reasonable in the circumstances (but you should be aware this may include disciplinary action for an employee or termination of a contract for an independent contractor). If criminal behaviour occurs, this may include reporting it to the police.
What to do if you believe this Code of Conduct is being breached?

  • We expect everyone to play an active role in creating a safer workplace. We encourage people to speak up if they experience or witness[9]  behaviour that breaches or is inconsistent with this Code of Conduct and we will support people who do that.

  • In reporting or raising any concerns you should be mindful of confidentiality and consider the safety and mental wellbeing of everyone involved.


Where minors are involved, a legal duty of care requires reporting of some kinds of incidents. See [LINK to Section 195A[10] ]


If you feel that this Code of Conduct has been breached in any way, or you have experienced or witnessed behaviour that you feel does not live up to Bigpop’s values, there are multiple options available to you - refer to the Reporting Concerns process set out in our [relevant policy] or speak to [nominated person(s)][1] .

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