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News from Bigpop- May 2023


Kia ora koutou! 


Here at Bigpop we wear three different hats -studios (sound design, mixing composition, production etc), music publishing, and an independent record label.

This is why you’ll see Bigpop Studios, Publishing, and Records on our website and social media.

These three entities all fall under our Bigpop umbrella, and each month we’ll send out a newsletter to keep you up to date with what we and our incredible artists have been up to. Welcome to newsletter #1. 


A couple of updates from us! Earlier this year we wished the wonderful Martine farewell and welcomed two new team members, Zoë Larsen Cumming (Music Label and Communications Manager) and Juliette Veber (Senior Post Production Producer, Studios). You can check out the rest of the Bigpop crew here.


We’ve had some fantastic projects on the go, so have a look below and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any thoughts, questions, or want to get involved in some way.


Nāku noa, nā



After signing to Bigpop Records in 2022, on Friday 14th of April, the ineffable Jujulipps released her bold new track 'Saucy!'  The single is paired with a simply stunning music video, directed by Alex Hargreaves and produced by Caitlin Shinnick. Juju describes the shoot as

“an experience I will always remember. Mary Adeosun and I spent months connecting potential ideas. There were many nights of tests and trials with hairdresser Paida Machakaire in order to achieve the elaborate styles presented. With the undeniably talented designer Syndel, we merged a look that was not only the embodiment of the track 'Saucy' but of me as an artist. Working with Alex and the whole team was a greatly awakening experience, sharing creative passions with such talented individuals was a true pleasure.”


Produced by Abraham Kunin and mixed by Luke Berryman, 'Saucy' is a floating cloud of confidence that rains down on whoever hears it. Check it out here.

Rodney Fisher and The Response

It was also great to team up with Goodshirt’s Rodney Fisher for his new single created with The Response, ‘ICU,’ released on the 28th of April.  The collaboration between The Response (producers, songwriters, and multi-instrumentalists Victoria and Andy Knopp) and Fisher came about after he heard their cover of Goodshirt’s ‘Fiji Baby.' “I loved their treatment and new direction. They had somehow made it sound more like me, and brought influences I had never explored,” he says.


The single, ‘ICU,’ heralds a gorgeous body of work due for release in July, 2023. Fisher describes the track as exploring “the inner turmoil from trying to be true to yourself, feeling lost and found at the same time. When you’re in love, but can’t stop sabotaging the relationship, and all the times you hoped things would work out. Perhaps it’s an ode to those who stick by you, through thick and thin.”


The track is accompanied by a simple yet powerful music video which was directed by Mike Braid which you can check out here [Z to add link].

News from
News from
Drake Street Studios

In 2022 Bigpop took over the lease on Alan Jannson's Uptown Studios on Drake Street, a short walk from the Halsey Street Bigpop HQ.


OMC, Proud and early Nathan Haines recordings all emanated from these legendary rooms.


The studio team, led by Jacob Rush, has been working to upgrade Drake Street’s gear, rewiring rooms and a general fix up, but the bones of this space, (including the acoustically designed 'igloo' shaped control room) remain. The Drake Street studio is an amazing addition to the existing Bigpop facilities. It's spacious, private and provides the perfect creative environment for big projects, like a few days of drum tracking, spending a week recording an EP, or mixing a larger body of work.


A select few including Carly Gill (Kédu Carlö), Abraham Kunin, Haz&Miloux, Laura Lee Lovely and Lola, and the UK’s Overmono and Felix from Basement Jaxx, have already dropped by for some sessions. Also, both Thabani Gapapra (with a cast of future Aotearoa Jazz legends) and Neil Macleod have recorded and mixed their next album/EP projects at StudioC.


The Drake Street studio is available for hire - contact to enquire

Jennifer reads audio book

We had the pleasure of recording and mixing the audiobook for the number one bestselling novel, The Denniston Rose by Jenny Pattrick and published by Penguin Random House New Zealand. The audiobook is read by none other than Aotearoa’s legendary actress and director, Jennifer Te Atamira Ward-Lealand. [READ MORE] It was a joy working with someone as beloved and revered as Jennifer (awarded Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year in 2020) and hearing such a compelling narrative come to life in the Bigpop Studios audio booth.


Set in the bleak West Coast 1880s coal mining settlement of Denniston, five-year-old Rose and her mother mysteriously arrive in a chaotic community filled with ex-gold miners down on their luck, ruffians on the run from the law, and seasoned and embittered English miners.


The Denniston Rose audiobook is sound recorded and mixed by Glen Cleaver and will be available to purchase via Penguin Random House New Zealand’s website on 4 July 2023. Post production producer - Juliette Veber.

Toi Time

We were thrilled when the Rogue Productions producers of hit kids TV show Toi Time came back to work with us on the music for its second season. [READ MORE] Working on season one was fantastic, with our team of composers, musicians, vocal producers and engineers pulling together a massive 60+ songs! The second season was very much the same and we loved creating great new songs and the fun studio vibes. We can't wait for this new season to go live on TVNZ2 and TVNZ+ mid this year.


Special shout outs to Victoria and Andy Knopp (the talented songwriting duo, repped by Bigpop Music Publishing) for their amazing compositions and productions, and to legendary vocal coach Cherie Mathieson, for expertly guiding Tama, Māia and Jojo recording such an enormous body of songs. What a team!


Click to listen, watch, and learn more! 


Spotify - ToiTime music from series 1

TVNZ+ - ToiTime series 1

Rogue Productions

News from
The Bigpop Music Publishing team has been working hard to find opportunities for the artists we represent. Here are some of our stand-out wins from the last couple of months!

Did anyone else catch Bigpop Music Publishing writer CHAII in Netflix’s new show Wellmania? Launching into episode 3, CHAII’s track ‘WOW (Look at Me)’ is the perfect fit for the high intensity spin-class scene it’s paired with.


Other BPMP writers on the track include SWEATR (Will Henderson) and Kings, alongside the brilliant Lawrence Arabia.


We’re stoked to see our writers on the international stage -  a well deserved win!

Freddie Reynold - Samsung

Freddy Reynold was chosen to be the musical star of Samsung New Zealand’s latest promotion! He and his track Southside Run It drove the action in the campaign for the Samsung Galaxy S22!

Valkyrie - TVNZ Breakfast

The summer got off to a sizzling start with Bigpop Music Publishing artist Valkyrie being chosen as the sound of summer for the TVNZ Breakfast Show!


The band Valkyrie’s track ‘Good Thing’ was picked as the promo track for the Breakfast Show after they sent out a call for a fresh and uplifting track from a local artist for their 2022 summer campaign promo.

News from

Particle Recordings is the newly minted imprint of Bigpop Studios

Neil MacLeod remixes
Proteins of Magic 
Great Escape 

Upcoming releases include:
Freddy Reynold ‘SILVER GREEN AND GOLD’ - out Friday 19 May.

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