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As sound and music engineers, producers and musicians, we craft creative projects where sound matters.

Our Work

Take a look at some of our previous projects.

Our Projects

Check out our previous work.

Bigpop Studios

We offer world class audio post-production and music composition in a welcoming and creative environment and our talented team are ready to collaborate on your project.


Bigpop’s expertise includes sound design, sound mixing, audio post-production, voice over recording, voice casting, ADR, film scoring and music composition, recording and mixing and production music searches and returns. 


Whether you’re after audio or music services for commercials, films, tv and web series, documentaries, podcasts, audio books, animations, educational videos or a quick voiceover record, Bigpop can cater to all your audio requirements. Bigpop also offers two exceptional music studios and a long history of music recording and mixing.


Get in touch with Juliette at to discuss your project needs, meet us for coffee, ask for a quote, or make a booking!

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