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‘Reconciliation’ - The latest and greatest EP by Michal Martyniuk

The extraordinarily talented Michal Martyniuk released his latest EP, ‘Reconciliation,’ last month - and we’re stoked to share it with you.

‘Reconciliation’ is a journey through inspiration, merging elements of jazz, hip-hop, soul and electronica to construct a wholly unique sound that pulls influence from all around the globe.

Started in 2020, Martyniuk’s latest project found an international sound during a time of unprecedented restriction, building on collaborations between himself and some of the world’s most talented artists. His initial recordings came to life in Poland, working alongside producer Adam Kabcinski before returning to New Zealand. It was here that Martyniuk finished the production alongside Mike Patto and Nathan Haines, completing a project that spanned several months and 18,000 kilometres.

“This [record] was different. I carefully thought through each track, and who would best fit each one, but I knew we wouldn’t be able to record together” says Michal, reflecting on his process, “I always give a lot of space to musicians I trust. This was very much a collaborative project.”

Each of the five tracks featured on ‘Reconciliation’ inspire a distinct feeling, embodied by the range of voices and genre-fluidity across each track.

A common theme across each track is the electronic influence. “I really wanted to do something new” says Michal, “I started with replacing the drums with beats, then double bass with a synth bass, and instead of a grand piano I used a full range of analog synths.”

Ultimately, though, it was Michal’s collaborators that gave the record its fresh sound. “Sometimes I just try my luck. I would email an artist I really like and see if they’re interested in working together” he says, “involving artists from around the world made this record extremely diverse and fresh to my ears.”

“I really love to collaborate and work with as many people as possible.”

‘Reconciliation,’ the record’s namesake, features long-time collaborator Nathan Haines on saxophone. It’s a rhythmic and uplifting jazz arrangement with notable electronic influences, forming a unique track that’s as surprising as it is addictive.

‘New Things,’ the second track, leans further into the world of electronica, supported by up-and-coming Polish vocalist YaniKa. Meanwhile, UK vocalist Vanessa Freeman lends her voice to the next track, ‘How Do We Make It?’

‘Speak Your Words’ is next, featuring US-based rapper Raashan Ahmad on a tender infusion of soul and hip-hop. This fourth track brings energy and emotion in equal measure, resulting in a deeply impactful end result.

Martyniuk’s grand finale, ‘Common Desire,’ is a climactic piano piece that pays tribute to elements from throughout the entire EP. Joined by Kacper Smoliński on harmonica, Martyniuk ends his record on a stunning and provocative high.

We’ve been thrilled to support Michal throughout his work on ‘Reconciliation,’ and we’re particularly excited for everyone to hear the completed project.


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