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Drake Street Studio

In 2022, Bigpop took over the lease on Alan Jannson's Uptown Studios on Drake Street, a short walk from the Halsey Street Bigpop HQ.

The renamed Drake Street Studio is a valuable addition to the existing Bigpop facilities. It's spacious, private and provides the perfect creative environment for big projects, such as a few days of drum tracking, spending a week recording an EP, or mixing a larger body of work.

The studio team, led by Jacob Rush, has upgraded Drake Street’s gear, with the bones of this space, (including the acoustically designed 'igloo' shaped control room) remaining.

Already, artists including the UK’s Overmono and Felix from Basement Jaxx, Carly Gill (Kédu Carlö), Abraham Kunin, Haz&Miloux, Laura Lee Lovely and Lola have dropped by for sessions.

Also, both Thabani Gapapra (with a cast of future Aotearoa Jazz legends) and Neil Macleod have recorded and mixed their album/EP projects at Drake Street Studio.

The Studios have an illustrious history including OMC, Proud and early Nathan Haines recordings all emanating from these legendary rooms.

Drake Street Studio is available for hire - contact to enquire.


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