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Always keen to throw a party - ft. Evening is Youth, Isla Noon, and CHAII

We’re always looking for an excuse to throw a party, and that opportunity presented itself yet again following last month’s Bigpop re-brand. We decided to celebrate the only way we know good drinks, good people, and good music.

Three incredibly talented artists from our Bigpop whānau performed in front of our friends and partners as we reveled in the sort of festive excitement that only a commercial rebranding can bring.

Evening is Youth kicked off the night with their signature blend of alt-pop and postpunk rock, blowing us away with a selection of incredible music from their upcoming EP.

Connor Robinson-Pierce heads this band on vocals and guitar alongside Jack Collin on bass and Luke Lattimore on drums, forming a talented trio well worth keeping an eye on. We’ve worked with Evening is Youth since early 2020, and couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming release of their debut single.

Next up were the infectious vocals of Isla Noon, battering our hearts with unfiltered and deeply cathartic emotion. Her debut single, Summer in August, was recorded right here at Bigpop Studios and released late last year.

Isla Noon’s angelic vocals blessed our ears with previews of future tracks, all more ambitious and mesmerizing than the last; the kind of music that forms an unbreakable bond between the listener and the stranger standing next to them. Our very own Maude Minnie Morris, the producer behind Isla Noon’s last track, joined the performance on guitar and provided some unreal backing vocals.

CHAII brought it home with a high energy performance that pumped up the audience and shook the studio. CHAII needs little introduction, her multilingual culture-crossing music is packed with political punch and global influences, all the while presenting an unfiltered and captivating vision of her world as a woman in rap.

Throughout all the laughs, music and good vibes, our mates over at Lucky Taco were working hard to keep us fed, while the wonderful people from Hallertau and Soho Wines provided the liquid courage required to get on the dance floor.

We’re stoked that so many from our community could join us as we celebrated the exciting new chapter we’ve entered in 2021, and look forward to plenty more excuses to celebrate in the future.


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