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Eyreton Hall and the essence of ‘Winter’

Alternative songwriting duo Eyreton Hall recently released their single ‘Winter,’ a meditative and emotional tribute to the couple’s love for music. Andrew Keegan and Toni Randle’s latest track is an artistic culmination of their several-years-long collaboration - and promises that the best is yet to come.

“[This song] is about our relationship with music,” says Toni, “the ways she inspires, fools, and bedazzles with her light trickery and infinite beauty.” Toni views the duo’s passion for music as complex and living; blemished with the struggles of a demanding industry, but beautiful all the same.

“It’s very hard not to feel chewed up and spat out at times, always waiting for validation,” she admits, “all the same, we wouldn’t change it even if we could.”

Finding success within a challenging industry is formidable, but above all else Toni idolizes the pursuit of meaningful art.

“To be truly successful isn’t measured in money or notoriety, but more that you’re fronting up and presenting work you believe in,” says Toni, “if you’re lucky enough to have the platform, you have a responsibility to say something with it.”

Through their music, Eyreton Hall seeks to build connections with their audience, through shared experiences, imagery, and emotion. “There should never be any rules in music,” Toni declares, “or any art form, really.” Because of their rule-breaking approach and unique tastes the pair enjoys a fluid and experimental approach to songwriting.

“We have really eclectic tastes,” she says, “Andy loves minimalist approaches to music, and I’m all about harmonies. That’s the juxtaposition we’ve been experimenting with recently. I’m trying to find harmonic satisfaction in layers, rather than heavily chordal songs.”

That juxtaposition extends further into their writing approach, too.

“[Lately, after we write a song] instead of decorating it we remove all the extraneous parts until we’re left with the essence,” says Toni, “I struggle with that, so this is where Andy helps a lot as the minimalist in the relationship.”

“I like a lot of things, so I’m easily swayed by pretty distractions.”

‘Winter’ is the most recent stop in a long journey; a journey made wonderful, not in spite of, but because of the bumps and struggles along the way.

‘Winter’ is available on all major streaming platforms:


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