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Jujulipps presents Get That Shot EP alongside title track and music video

Jujulipps, the supremely talented and larger than life Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland, New Zealand) based rapper and hip-hop artist, is back! After a year of going from strength to strength, today one of 2023’s most anticipated releases, Jujulipps’ Get That Shot EP will be unleashed on the world in her increasingly celebrated bombastic style.

Releasing alongside the Get That Shot EP is the final single and title track, a song of encouragement and pursuit which punches with urgency and ferocity.

“I want ‘Get That Shot’ to be a call out for everyone to believe in themselves and take that first step,” says Jujulipps. “While it isn’t always easy following your dreams, everyone has the power to take that first step. It can seem daunting to put yourself out there, but it’s necessary in order to learn, grow, and elevate to become the person you want to be. ‘Get That Shot’ explores the doubt I’ve felt from myself and others when I was starting out. Thankfully, I don’t care too much about people’s perceptions, pushed forward and took that shot. I’d love to see others find it within themselves to also GET THAT SHOT.”

Much like everything that Jujulipps puts her mind to, the music video for ‘Get That Shot’ (directed by the talented Tom Grut) is powerful, playful, and effortlessly cool.

Of the video, Jujulipps says “it was such a dope process! Tom and I had the opportunity to really dive deeply into what this track meant to me and what I wanted to portray. When you see me standing on top of the meteor, that depicts shooting for the moon and how the world is mine. Writing on the bedroom walls illustrates my journey as a young woman and artist navigating all the different scenes. Then we play with the constant pressures of coming up as a new artist by showing me being bombarded by the reporters flashing cameras and demanding attention, Importantly, I also got to work with amazing hair stylist Paida Machakaire from Kunaka Hair x Beauty to create the gorgeous hairdos. It was such an honour working with an authentic African hair braiding artist for my work.”

The Get That Shot EP features tracks such as ‘Saucy’, which has already achieved extensive success on the New Zealand Official Music Charts, Hot 20 NZ Singles, and the Student Radio Network, and ‘Airplane Mode,’ which won the 2023 Student Radio Network Award forTe Tōtahi Toa (Favourite Single), andpremiered in Rolling Stone. They described Jujulipps as “a dynamic and fearless rapper, a layered and intertextual artist, [who] carries it all out in self-assured style.”

On the release of the Get That Shot EP, Jujulipps says she feels “ecstatic. Some of these songs have been in the vault for so long and I feel genuine delight now I finally have the work that myself, Abraham Kunin, Luke Berryman and the Bigpop team have worked so hard on out in the world.

“The running theme throughout the EP is of encouragement and pursuit,” says Jujulipps. “There will always be obstacles as well as trials and hardships, but the end result after taking those daunting first steps is always so rewarding. It fills me with so much pride knowing there was a time when I was afraid of standing where I am now. The only reason I am where I am is because I took those first scary steps and said yes.”

It’s been a massive year of live performances for Jujulipps, with some of her many feats including gracing the stages of Bigsound and SXSW, Cuba Dupa, the Nelson Arts Festival, and the APRA AMCOS Silver Scrolls Awards, not to mention opening for Sudan Archives at the Powerstation, and Melodownz at Auckland’s iconic Hollywood Avondale. Anyone who has had the pleasure to witness Jujulipps perform the tracks off Get That Shot live at one of the many incredible performances of the year knows she is definitely not one to miss.

“When I perform these songs I feel so empowered,” she says. “It’s always a great time to be performing and to be able to have that energy exchange with the audience. When I’m performing a track like ‘Get That Shot’ it’s super empowering having people really listen to the lyrics and get into it.”

The Get That Shot EP is produced by Abraham Kunin, and mixed by Luke Berryman. It’s a culmination of a lot of hard work, big ideas and dedication, which Jujulipps now reflects on.

“Making this EP was a character-building journey. The things I know now I would have never known a year ago. I’ve learnt lessons, had many wins, had some losses, but at every step of the way I have been ready for each outcome. I’m grateful to have had so much support during this time. This journey has been a great insight into where my artistry can go and it’s made me even more excited for where life will take me. I’ve learnt to trust myself and to venture into territories I didn’t think I would’ve before. It’s such a blessing as that’s all ‘Get That Shot’ is about. It’s been a wild ride and I really can’t wait for more!”


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