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Rodney Fisher + The Response release album Art School Dropout

Rodney Fisher requires no introduction. With a legendary discography from his time with Goodshirt through to his numerous solo projects, Fisher is hell-bent on leaving no creative stone unturned. Today, he is delighted to announce the release of his album created with The Response. The much anticipated album Art School Dropout, alongside the final single and stunning music video ‘Take It Slow,’ will be released on Friday the 29th of September.

“This music is more intimate and personal than one might expect,” explains Fisher on his ever-evolving relationship with music. “I’ve been making music for as long as I can remember, but now by not being a frontman I can lose myself in the music and listen in a completely new way.”

‘Take It Slow’ perfectly illustrates this new era for Fisher. It envelops you in piano that’s quiet but sure, and a vocal line from Fisher that’s intimate and vulnerable, like he’s sharing a secret just to you. Finally, cue The Response’s electropop adornments which perfectly compliment the tone and message of the track.

Having quietly enjoyed The Response’s unique alternative style over past years, Rodney finally met the duo after hearing their cover of Goodshirt’s ‘Fiji Baby’. “We got talking, and I made plans to send them a track to get their take on a remix version.”

And here we are, with a beautiful body of work which The Response aptly describe as an atmosphere of introspection and nostalgia.

“While making Art School Dropout, we were trying to get a blend of the grounded sounds of acoustic driven music with the more other-worldy electronic embellishments that help create an atmosphere of introspection and nostalgia,” say Victoria and Andy Knopp, the duo who make up The Response. “We knew Rodney wanted to explore a more fragile voice style with this record and we wanted to make sure the instrumentals were the perfect bed for letting that emotive vocal delivery shine.”

This more introspective album is unlike any of his previous works, and Fisher’s optimism is apparent. “I’m over the moon,” he says.

“I’m so grateful to have a lovely team of people helping to make my dreams a reality.”

Art School Dropout, alongside ‘Take It Slow’ releases Friday September 29th via Aotearoa New Zealand indie music label Bigpop Records.


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