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Jujulipps releases new single 'Airplane Mode'!

The über talented and larger than life Jujulipps is back! Today her latest single and music video ‘Airplane Mode’ will be released to the world, described by the artist as “the ultimate Afrobeat switch off anthem.” The track fuses African rhythms and energetic horn melodies and showcases a new sound for Jujulipps as she seamlessly intertwines English and Swahili lyrics. A rebellion against hustle culture and the relentless pressure to be available 24/7, it’s as if the world has been begging for a track like this.

Much like the artist, ‘Airplane Mode’ is effortlessly cool and driven along by an infectious beat. “It’s a hold-my-bag moment,” says Jujulipps. “A hold-my-worries-while-I-go-and-dance-like-there's-no-tomorrow-for-the-next-2:26-minutes moment.” Honestly, count us in.

The music video (directed by the talented Ezra Simons, alongside assistant director Oscar Keys from Sunbed Films) bursts with life and fun in a way that is totally hypnotising. The ‘Airplane Mode’ video pays homage to the iconic South African musical and film Sarafina (1992), evoking a sense of nostalgia and cultural heritage for Jujulipps. The opening scene, reminiscent of the beloved motion picture, showcases Jujulipps in her school uniform, providing a heartfelt nod to the cherished memories that shaped her childhood.

“I wanted the music video to show parts of home and the girl I am now with my friends and the people that mean the most to me. I wanted to be dressed in familiar African attire and in the clothes I wear everyday." The beautiful dresses were made by the talented Fiona Tariro Chimwayange at Rivylle Clothing.

Singing lines such as "you want to stress me, please don't jealous me," Jujulipps taps into the universal experiences of African kids, echoing the phrases they hear in music, movies and their peers. The intention behind each shot and each verse makes it abundantly clear that the lush visuals perfectly compliment Jujulipps’ artistry, making the whole project incredibly special to witness.

‘Airplane Mode’ is produced by Abraham Kunin, co-written by Takunda Muzondiwa, Abraham Kunin, Tom Scott, with Joost Langeveld on bass, Thabani Gapara on saxophone, and mixed by Nick Krill.

The track offers a sneak peek into Jujulipps’ upcoming EP Get That Shot. The track showcases a different style and sound giving listeners a taste of the diverse sonic exploration Jujulipps offers. So sit back, relax and enjoy the latest from Jujulipps. You deserve it.


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