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Proteins of Magic releases 'Divine Physics'

The absolutely phenomenal Proteins of Magic (Kelly Sherrod) has released ‘Divine Physics;’ the beautiful and haunting first single off her upcoming EP Angel Hieroglyphics.

A gorgeous track with foundations of synth, piano, and Kelly’s memorable and hypnotic vocals, the track is definitely one to check out. There’s a certain darkness in it, but confidence too. Impressive but unsurprising from a multi-disciplinary artist wielding a wide range of genre and styles.

‘Divine Physics’ premiered on online music magazine Foxy Digitalis, who wrote: "Proteins of Magic creates a sonic minefield that surrounds and imbues her ecstasy-filled vocal performance. The tension comes in waves as the song continues its towering climb, and Sherrod’s incredible video performance almost eclipses the sun. Her cries echo through the sonic landscape, “I am just as scared as you,” a reassurance, a promise."

Of the writing process, Kelly says “I started peeling away under the moss in my brain pieces of where I wanted to be. It’s the first song where I felt like this was really me.”

The track is the result of mass experimentation from an artist whose lengthy experience as a producer, touring and recording musician for Punches (2003-09) and as a bass player for Dimmer (2007-09) has cemented an expertise across instruments as well as experiments in voice. Proteins of Magic is emerging in a new form entirely as herself.

Safe to say, we’re obsessed!


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